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Improving the air your breathe is relatively simple and makes a significant impact on your health.  Consider that there are sources for indoor pollutants in every room in your house.  Even a scrubbed, well-vacuumed home harbors billions of unwanted contaminants.  Mold, mildew, pet dander, skin flakes, dust mites and even fumes from cooking are all part of the mix.

The US EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and has ranked indoor pollutants as a top five environmental health issue.  Be careful, however, of investing in a product off the shelf.  Ozone and ion generating air cleaning systems sold in retail stores have been denounced as ineffective by the EPA, American Lung Association, & Consumer Reports.  You need advanced technology and effective solutions that are proven to get results, providing a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable environment to live, work and breathe.

Bryant offers a diverse range of proven indoor solutions to meet any need and greatly improve the quality of the air your breathe.

Bryant whole-home air purifiers treat 100% of the air passing through your HVAC system before it circulates, killing bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold for unsurpassed germicidal capability.  Air purification goes beyond air filtration, utilizing  sophisticated technology to eliminate allergens, pathogens, pollutants and odors.  This effective air treatment system captures up to 95% of particles .30 to 1.0 microns in size, and with long-lasting MERV 15 filters, is far superior to portable options.

MERV (Minimum efficiency reporting value) is the standard comparison of an air filter’s efficiency, with the scale from one (least efficient), to 16 (most efficient).  It represents a filter’s worst possible performance at removing particles from .3 to 10 microns in size.  To put that into perspective, a micron is about .00004 inches.  A human hair is about 75 microns.

Ventilators enhance airflow, improve HVAC system efficiency, and reduce humidity from incoming air.  With today’s tightened and carefully sealed homes, there’s no way to refresh the indoor environment.  The same stale air is circulated and breathed.  Bryant ventilators introduce pre-filtered outdoor air into your home.  It’s very much like opening a window, but without the energy or comfort losses.  And because incoming air is pre-conditioned, your system’s efficiency is actually improved.

UV lamps provide a line of defense against bacteria that can thrive in moist heating and cooling systems, then circulate throughout your home.  Bryant’s Preferred UV Lamp silently enhances comfort and health by attacking and killing bacteria, mildew and mold growth on HVAC interior surfaces, allowing for a cleaner, more efficient heating and cooling system.  Installed within your ductwork, natural UV-C light works as a disinfectant, penetrating microorganisms and rendering them non-toxic.  The installation of a Bryant Preferred UV Lamp can reduce concentrations of airborne bioaerosols by half in less than an hour.

Ideally, humidity levels should be maintained between 30% and 50%.  During summer months, that heavy, sticky feeling of excess humidity leads to fatigue, fitful sleep and even moisture damage within your home.  Bryant dehumidifiers offer needed relief from high humidity and reduce cooling costs.  By drawing moisture from indoor air, it allows you to feel more comfortable at warmer temperatures, eliminating over-cooling and improving indoor air quality.

When furnace treated air drops humidity levels to 10% or less, Bryant humidifiers infuse moisture into the air, preventing static, sore throats and dry skin.  Humidified air slows the body’s natural cooling process and feels warmer.  This allows you to set the thermostat a bit lower, saving money on heating costs without sacrificing comfort.  Controlled humidity levels protect wood surfaces in your home and defend against viruses and bacteria that thrive in dry air.

Respicare OXY4

The OXY 4™ whole home air purifier is engineered to help fight pandemic virus, mold spores, allergies, strong odors & VOCs that cause discomfort or respiratory challenges indoors. The OXY4™ is an Active Photo-Catalytic Oxidation Air Purifier featuring Ultra Violet light & advanced Photo-Catalytic processes which create potent airborne air cleansers. The Catalytic processes and active air cleansers work to inactivate, control & oxidize airborne virus, bacteria, mold spores, VOCs, odors & more. Respicaire OXY4™ Whole home air purifier has been tested by 3rd party labs and has shown 99% inactivation of pandemic virus in seconds. The OXY4™ is packed with PCO technology. The OXY 4 catalytic chamber ensures a high output of air cleansers to scrub & purify your indoor air as it recirculates inside your home.

The indoor air quality of your home is as important as temperature control.
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Through convenient, cost-effective products, Jacobazzi Heating & Cooling will provide a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable environment for you and your family.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Jacobazzi Heating & Cooling has the in-depth product knowledge and comprehensive training to identify areas of concerns, recommend options and install the ideal product to promote a healthy home at an economical price.  Contact us at 630-701-7579 for more information.  Our comfort specialists would be happy to discuss the surprising number of beneficial options available.

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