Ductless vs. Traditional Heating

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If you’re debating between a ducted and ductless heat pump, you need to be aware of the advantages of each type of system. Jacobazzi Heating & Cooling looks forward to assisting you. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we are knowledgeable in the latest and greatest innovations in heating. Our NATE-certified professionals customize recommendations to your specific home, explain options and handle every stage of your project to exacting standards.

Ductless heat pumps are highly energy efficient systems comprised of two primary components. There’s a condenser located outside of the home and one or more air handling units mounted inside. Air handlers are typically around three feet long and six inches high with a slim profile. Compact and versatile, ductless systems are ideal refrot add-ons, work well for additions and offer whole-home solutions without ductwork.

Some of the advantages of ductless heat pumps include:

  • Flexibility of design – Air handlers offer versatility of location, whether mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, and extensive conduit lengths allow location of the outdoor unit as far as 50’ from the indoor evaporator.
  • Higher energy efficiency – Ductless units eliminate the energy losses of ductwork and feature inverter technology, automatically speeding up or slowing down based on room requirements to maximize efficiency.
  • Long service life – With regular, professional maintenance, ductless heating systems often last up to twenty years.
  • Minimal installation requirements – Rather than major construction lasting weeks, mini split systems require only a three-inch hole through an exterior wall. There’s no mess, no disruption, no sacrifice of living space and the installation is typically completed in a day or two.
  • Whisper-quiet operation – Ductless systems are remarkably quiet and unobtrusive.
  • Zoning – Each air handler provides customized control over room temperature, avoiding heating unoccupied rooms and catering to preferences.

Some reasons why you might want to stick with ducted heating systems:

  • Cost of installing mini or multi-split systems can be higher
  • Duct system already in place
  • Ducted units offer a more built-in look when compared to air handlers
  • For every indoor air handler, ductless systems require space to drain condensate water
  • Larger homes are more effectively handled by central heating

To determine the best system for your home and long-term goals, reach out to Jacobazzi Heating & Cooling at 630-701-7579. We are a Comfort 24-7 Provider and offer free estimates and financing with approved credit. Count on us to be honest and clear in our recommendations. We handle your start-to-finish project with care and quality workmanship, ensuring the most rewarding outcome. Jacobazzi Heating & Cooling is available for a full list of professional HVAC services across Downers Grove, Darien, Woodridge, Western Springs, Hinsdale & Clarendon Hills, IL.

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